Saturday, 26 April 2014

Ruby and the Fire Walkers (Dream Walkers #2)

The next book in the Dream Walker series is about a beautiful Fire Walker called Ruby.

The Dream Walkers consist of four clans, Power, Water, Fire and Wind, so there's a lot of scope for new characters and books in the series. I wanted to write about Ruby and Caden next. Ruby had a good reason for making Aspen jealous and Caden, the handsome blond Water Walker, knows just how to fire up her temper. His family is against clan-mixing so there's a lot of conflict and romantic tension between the two of them. She is such a misjudged character and so firey that I couldn't resist telling her story.

Of course the tale wouldn't be complete without a villain. Lord Andreas, the leader of the chancellors in Lanta, survived the attack on his castle and is looking for revenge. He sends his son, Damon, to follow Ruby as she joins Caden in a search for his missing twin brother in Muda.

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