Saturday, 26 April 2014

Aspen and the Dream Walkers (Dream Walkers #1)

My second book is about Dream Walkers. Here is the blurb as featured on Amazon:

Aspen Walker is approaching her sixteenth birthday. She lives with her cruel stepfather and his manipulative daughter and life hasn't been good to her. 

At night, she dreams of belonging to a powerful clan fighting a war against evil creatures called Chancellors. 

Dylan Powers is the hot new guy at school and while she sleeps at night, she imagines that he's a member of her clan, teaching her how to fight the enemy. Aspen is suspicious when he mentions parts of her dream at school the following day. With an electric touch and strange friends, Dylan makes her wonder if the clan she belongs to is more than just a fantasy. 

What does Dylan want from her and why do sparks fly when their bodies touch? And what if she hasn't been dreaming at all? 

Aspen and the Dream Walkers is the first book in the Dream Walkers series.

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