Monday 4 July 2022

Almost Midnight (The Midnight Series #1)

 "Almost Midnight" is a brand-new, sci-fi-adventure story. It's a nail-biting series - guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat. 

The release date should be early in September 2022. 

"When Rachel wakes up with a blinding headache, she has no memory of being kidnapped, and expelled by an invading alien race. To escape death, she must use the enhancements the aliens have implanted in her body, and listen to her neighbor and his cousin, before their world is completely destroyed."


Guide My Heart - (The Stirring Series #1)

This teen, "paranormal romance" novella is great for a quick read. Pick it up for free on Smashwords (3000 downloads and counting) and Barnes and Noble. Also available on Amazon. 

"A two-week safari in Africa is the perfect holiday for Britney and her friend Meghan. But Chris, the swoon-worthy tour-guide, is fascinated with the paw-print birthmarks on her arm. Mysterious lions and visions of chains haunt Brit after they share a mind-blowing kiss, but is there something deeper than pure animal attraction between the two?"

Thursday 12 November 2015

Ruby and the Fire Walkers - released on Amazon and Smashwords

My new book, Ruby and the Fire Walkers, has been released on Amazon and Smashwords. It's the second book in the Dream Walkers series.
Ruby belongs to the Fire Walker clan, proud warriors with supernatural powers sworn to protect the children of Earth from evil Chancellors. Up until now, she's relied on her looks to stay away from all battles. But when Caden, a super-hunky warrior from the Water Walker clan, taunts her about her lack of combat skills, she decides to fight using her best talents.

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Saturday 26 April 2014

Ruby and the Fire Walkers (Dream Walkers #2)

The next book in the Dream Walker series is about a beautiful Fire Walker called Ruby.

The Dream Walkers consist of four clans, Power, Water, Fire and Wind, so there's a lot of scope for new characters and books in the series. I wanted to write about Ruby and Caden next. Ruby had a good reason for making Aspen jealous and Caden, the handsome blond Water Walker, knows just how to fire up her temper. His family is against clan-mixing so there's a lot of conflict and romantic tension between the two of them. She is such a misjudged character and so firey that I couldn't resist telling her story.

Of course the tale wouldn't be complete without a villain. Lord Andreas, the leader of the chancellors in Lanta, survived the attack on his castle and is looking for revenge. He sends his son, Damon, to follow Ruby as she joins Caden in a search for his missing twin brother in Muda.

Aspen and the Dream Walkers (Dream Walkers #1)

My second book is an exciting teen, paranormal romance. It's available on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Amazon.

Dylan is the hot new guy at school and Aspen dreams about battling evil Chancellors with him at night. When he mentions things she's dreamed about in class, she wonders if her fantasy world is real. If it is, she'll have to hone her battle skills, and stop saying how good his touch feels when she's dreaming.

Aspen and the Dream Walkers is the first book in the Dream Walkers series.

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I'm an independent author and my first book, Liquid Gold, was published in 2010 on Amazon. The story involves two college students in Idaho who are in the cross hairs of a giant oil cartel because of a family-kept bio-fuel secret.

Jen thinks her brother's college friend is sinfully good-looking, but she can't share her family's secret with him. That all changes when a powerful enemy tries to destroy her parents' crop of genetically modified sunflowers, and she has to ask for Ryan's help. Together they are thrown into a desperate fight for their lives, but can they keep the plants hidden, and her family's secret safe?